Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy

We will require details of your credit card at the time a booking is made.

  • A deposit equal to 50% of the total cost of accommodation (the accommodation deposit) will be paid by Credit Card at the time the booking is made.
  • Cancellation of a booking greater than 7 days before the date of your arrival, will incur a fee of 30% of the Total Booking.
  • Cancellation of a booking within 7 days before the date of your arrival, or a “no-show” will incur 100% of the Total Booking.
  • No refund will be given if you cancel any part of your reservation during your stay.
  • Guest numbers are limited to the amount of guests requested at the time of reservation. Additional beds that were not booked at the time of reservation will be unavailable.
  • Unless otherwise indicated for a specific property, Additional Guests are charged at $35 per person per night for the full duration of the booking, regardless of the number of nights stayed.
  • Use of non-booked beds will be charged at the Additional Guest rate per person per night.


Damage & Behaviour

Freycinet Rentals does not require a security deposit, however should any damage beyond fair wear and tear be caused to the property, or additional cleaning be required at the end of your stay, the cost will be charged to you.

  • Guest numbers are limited to the amount of guests requested at the time of reservation. Use of non-booked beds will be charged at $35 per night.
  • Our holiday premises are not pet-friendly unless specified and camping or fires are not permitted within the property boundary.
  • Should any behaviour during your stay become unacceptable to us, we reserve the right without prior notice to terminate your stay and to require you to leave the premises forthwith.


Liability & Indemnity

Guests staying in our holiday premises do so at their own risk. Freycinet Rentals or the Accommodation’s Owner incur no liability for any loss, damage to property, personal injury or illness , including by reason of negligence. You agree further to indemnify and to keep indemnified Freycinet Rentals and, its employees, against liability to any person arising under or in right of you in respect of any loss or damage arising out of or in consequence of your participation in the use of the premises managed by Freycinet Rentals


Fees & Charges

By agreeing to pay the accommodation deposit you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement, and authorise Freycinet Rentals to debit any and all fees and charges set out herein to the credit card details of which you provided at the time of making the accommodation deposit.

Providing a deposit along with your credit card details will secure your booking and will indicate that you agree to the above terms.

All pricing is based on a 2-person double. Separate beds & extra persons are an additional cost.

All non-required bedrooms are locked. Seasonal Rates apply and are subject to change.

NOTE: All properties are self catering and not subject to daily servicing or replenishment.

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